Another Place to Live in. Reading Comprehension Exercise

Éste es un examen tipo para 1º de Bachillerato. Lo curioso es que el texto es la redacción de un antiguo alumno.

¡Qué sirva de ejemplo!


I am sure that a lot of people would like to live in another place or country different from the one they live because most of them are normally bored with their own lives. Personally, I especially love two countries.

First and foremost, I would like to live in Japan, despite its extremely difficult language. I think that Japan is an amazing and interesting country; furthermore, its millenarian culture and traditions mixed with its modern technology and its digital machines make this country an obligatory place to visit.

In addition, if I had been born in Japan, I would have liked to live in its capital, Tokyo. Thus I could go to see all its dynamical corners like Shibuya, Shinyuku, Tokyo Dome; whereas- in the meantime, I could admire its mystical enviroment and eat its delicious food. I must try sushi!
I wish travels were cheaper!

The other place I’d like to visit is Paris, exactly speaking: Montmatre.

I would have my life completed if I could live as a bohemian artist. I would be a lazy man that would walk around Paris with a guitar and a dog, singing in some street.

I could have suggested a class end’s travel to Japan or Paris, but we would have gone neither by bus nor by car.


According to the text, answer in your own words.

  1. What things in Japan are important for the writer?
  2. What things in Paris are important for the writer?

True or false?

  1. The writer has a lot of money.
  2. The writer is a travel agent.
  3. People are happy with their lives
  4. The writer advises us to visit its first choice.

Give a synonym of “amazing” (line5), completed (line 14) Give theopposite ofinteresting, modern, delicious.


Find a word in the text with the following definition:

“Imposed on one by authority, command, or convention: compulsory, imperative”

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