Topics for Writing. 2º Bachillerato

Escribe una frase – o dos- sobre cada uno de estos temas utilizando la gramática que has aprendido en la unidad 1. Por ejemplo: el futuro perfecto.

1. Risks of taking drugs and alcohol.
2. Your ideal place for a holiday.
3. The life I would like to live.
4. Pros and cons of living up to 120 years of age.
5. Pros and cons of a vegeterian diet.
6. The importance of TV in our lives.
7. Is a good appearance important nowadays?
8. What can we do to preserve natural resources?
9. Changing eating habits in Spain.
10. Living on a desert island.
11. Are boys and girls treated equally?
12. Do you think that certain jobs are more convenient for men than for women?
13. Inmigration.
14. A book you would recommend.
15. Is bilingual education an advantage or a disadvantage?
16. Describe a concert you have been to.

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