Indirect Speech to Direct Speech

Estas frases son para los que queréis hacer más ejercicios sobre este punto gramatical. Dentro de unos días publicaremos las frases corregidas, pero esperaremos un poco para que no hagáis trampas.



Turn the following sentences into direct speech.

  1. He asked where she lived.
  2. She wanted to know whether he would arrive on time.
  3. His mother told him to take that money and put it in his bank.
  4. He suggested that they go to the beach then.
  5. She asked who had taken her exercises from there.
  6. She explained that she had only been there for five weeks.
  7. He said that he would go again the following winter.
  8. She asked him not to smoke there.
  9. She said to them that they had finished painting their house in May.
  10. He enquired if I was leaving early that day.
  11. He told her to go and bring her things to him.
  12. He said that they had to fill in the blanks later.
  13. She asked where I had studied for my first degree.
  14. The clerk wanted to know the date of my birth. (Use “born”)
  15. The pupil said that he had bought the workbook the day before.

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